Strategic alliances

CAINTRA is an intermediate non-profit organization of the private sector with proper legal status and capacity, formed by individuals and companies engaged in industrial activities within the state of Nuevo Leon, with the objective of representing, promoting and serving the interests of the industrial community.

CARE is a project that arose out of the work of nine aviation clusters and a consulting company within the EACP (European Aerospace Cluster Partnership). CARE is funded by the European Commission, with the goal of promoting regional research in environmentally efficient aviation technologies.

TCI is supported by non-profit organizations, government agencies, multilateral organizations, academic institutions and companies. TCI’s mission is to promote the cluster concept, improve methodologies and raise professional standards in this field and improve living standards and the local competitiveness of regions throughout the world.

The Mexican Federation of Pilots and Aircraft Owners (FEMPPA) is a national organization made up of pilots, aircraft owners, associations, flying clubs and aviation enthusiasts. Its aim is to represent the General Aviation, actively collaborating with the relevant authorities and asserting our voice in defense of our sector, to achieve safer and freer skies for Aircraft Owners and Pilots of FEMPPA within the Mexican air space.