Research and Innovation Center in Aeronautical Engineering

Promotes high-value projects in the production chain, the development of high engineering, research and technological innovation in the various branches of the aerospace industry. CIIIA main activities:

  • Human capital formation.
  • Research and Innovation.
  • Technology and Engineering Services.

It has 14 laboratories: Avionics, Measurement Techniques, Structural Dynamics, Combustion, Nondestructive Testing, Aerodynamics, Corrosion, Aircraft Propulsion, Aerospace Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, Failure Analysis, Mechanical Testing, Aerospace Structures and Flight Dynamics.
Research and Technology Innovation Park
  • Technological and Scientific Park of 4th Generation, first of its kind in Latin America (Triple Helix Model)
  • 34 public, private and academic R+D centers and 2 high tech incubators currentry functioning; of a global project of 50 research centers and 4 high tech incubators in 110 hectares of land.
  • Facilitates the technology transfer to the productive sector in Nuevo Leon.
  • Attracts technology-based international business and their R+D centers.
  • Creates high-value jobs for Nuevo Leon.
  • Incubates business that focus on new technologies.
Institute of Innovation and Technology Transfer of Nuevo Leon

Organism responsible for the promotion of public policies related to science, technology and innovation in the state of Nuevo Leon. Works with the Triple Helix Model: Academia, Government and Industry and promotes growth and economic development of the region through investment in science, technology and innovation. It is also responsable for managing the “Research and Technology Innovation Park (PIIT).”
Secretariat of Economic Development of Nuevo Leon

The Secretariat of Economic Development of Nuevo Leon, through its different areas, promotes and eases the economic development within the State joining both private and public efforts aiming to create and boost new companies for a sustainable economic growth, as well as the living quality improvement. Moreover, the SEDEC is the State’s entity responsible for the attraction of foreign investment, leading all business agendas, facilitating networking and helping to contact potential local suppliers. Many incentives are offered at a federal, state and municipal levels through different programs.
Katcon, S.A de C.V
  • HP-RTM
  • Termoformado
  • Inyección por moldeo
  • Light-RTM
  • Ingeniería y diseño
  • Diseño conceptua
  • Dibujos 2d con su respectivo GD&T
  • Modelos 3d
  • Composición de materiales
  • Caracterización de materiales
  • Análisis computacional (CFD, FEA, choque/impacto, acústico)
  • Optimización de materiales y re-diseño
  • Prototipado de impresión 3d
  • Prototipos funcionales
  • Proceso de validación y pruebas físicas
  • Industrialización del proceso
  • Producción en serie y documentación


Carlos Ramón Garza Rodríguez
+52 (81)88502826

  • Paneles Exteriores con o sin acabado superficial tipo “Class A”
  • Interiores
  • Underbody shields
  • Componentes estructurales
  • Todos estos fabricados a base de materiales compuestos reforzados con fibras
  • ISO TS16949
  • ISO 14001
  • VDA
  • Vamos a buscar certificarnos en AS-9100