1.What is a cluster?
An industrial cluster (or just cluster) is a concept born in the early 90s based on the ideas of Michael Porter. It is the concentration of interconnected companies and institutions in a particular field of competition. A variety of clusters exist in industries like oil and gas, agriculture, transportation, product manufacturing and logistics, among others.
2. When was the Monterrey Aerocluster created?
It was created in 2009.
3. Who makes up the Monterrey Aerocluster?
The cluster has members from the triple helix: Government, Academia and Industry. There is a Board of Directors composed of active members and Monterrey Aerocluster employees, who propose and approve projects to further the objectives of the cluster.
4.What are the benefits of joining the Monterrey Aerocluster?
The benefits are:
  • Representation before governmental institutions.
  • Benchmarking between companies to determine best practices.
  • Training and sharing best practices for human talent.
  • Management and access to government funds to support the industry.
  • Representation before other countries and national and international organizations.
  • Networking between anchor companies, suppliers, universities and government.
5. Into what committees is the Monterrey Aerocluster divided?
  • -Committee of Suppliers for Aerospace Manufacturers
  • -MRO Committee
  • -Energy Committee
  • -Social Responsibility Committee
6. How I can join the Monterrey Aerocluster?
Companies interested in becoming members should send a letter expressing their intention to join, and a brief description of their company. The addition of new members is subject to the approval of the Directors of the cluster. The Monterrey Aerocluster will send you a form that you must fill, scan and submit; contributions to the Monterrey Aerocluster are determined based on the company’s total number of employees
Contact: Phone number: 81915687 |
7. How can I contact the member companies of the Monterrey Aerocluster?
Because of the Data Protection Act, the cluster does not share contact information for member companies unless they authorize it.