The Heart of Escobedo, Heading Towards New Heights

28.06.24 10:38 AM By Karen Rebecka

In Monterrey Aerocluster, where innovation and growth are foundational pillars, Jaiter emerges as a living example of perseverance and excellence, positioning itself as a strategic partner within the cluster. In 1980, nestled in the industrial heart of Escobedo, this conventional lathe workshop echoed with the promise of a bright future. However, it was in 1998 when they boldly entered the aerospace industry, focusing on manufacturing turbine rings using revolutionary materials such as inconel and titanium. Despite the inherent challenges in a market dominated by major players, they found key allies like GE Aerospace, who trusted their vision and provided opportunities to prove their worth.

Over five years, they tirelessly developed eleven part numbers that propelled their reputation to new heights. Yet, it was their strategic alliance with Frisa Aerospace that truly marked a milestone in their success. United by a common goal, they forged a path to excellence where each piece was a testament to their dedication and mastery.

Jaiter stands as a symbol of excellence and passion in precision manufacturing for the aerospace and automotive industries. Their story is one of a dream realized and a team that challenged adversity, soaring together towards success without looking back.

Karen Rebecka