Forging Global Alliances in the Heart of Monterrey's Industrial Hub

09.07.24 01:25 PM By Karen Rebecka
As a prominent partner of Monterrey Aerocluster, Paulo Heat Treating México, a leading U.S.-based company specializing in heat treatment and surface finishing, marked a significant milestone with its first international plant located in the GP Industrial Park in Escobedo. This move represented a pivotal step in its global expansion strategy. The inauguration of this facility was made possible through a strategic partnership with the Italian company Brembo, Paulo's inaugural client in México. Paulo provides heat treatment services for various components, including essential parts for electric vehicles such as brake rotors produced at Brembo's plant.

Construction of the facility, which began in October 2017, was completed in just 9 months, showcasing Paulo's commitment and efficiency in executing complex projects. This installation stands as a landmark in Paulo's strategy to become a global service provider. In 2020, the first expansion of the Monterrey plant doubled its capacity, concurrent with securing contracts with new clients, furthering the strategy of process and application diversification.

These achievements underscore Paulo's unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation. At Paulo, we continue to forge ahead with determination, driven by a vision of a future brimming with possibilities and shared successes.

Karen Rebecka